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  • Informachine is a software product launched by Informachine Private Limited, a software company with three full-fledged software products in its portfolio – Informachine, Organyze 3.1, and Grabber.
  • Our software work began with our parent company, The Information Company Private Limited, which has been developing web-related software since 1999, and has built software solutions in the areas of content management, marketing, sales and HR for some of the biggest Indian business groups, including Tata, Aditya Birla, Godrej, and Mahindra.
  • The group was founded by Kiron Kasbekar, former Editor of The Economic Times, Bombay, India's leading business daily, Business Editor of The Times of India, India's leading English daily, and Managing Editor of Business India magazine. Kiron is also an artist and designer, having done oil-on-canvas paintings and designed magazine covers, brochures and other material since the early 1980s.

    Kiron has also been associated with building business databases since 1978, from a time when people worked without computers, through two decades of work with computerized databases. He has worked closely with software developers to develop statistical and business databases and knowledge management-related software since 1989. It is his extensive experience with creating and managing information and seeking, storing and searching for data that has provided the base for the creation of our various products.

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